Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Inspections

Tailored services to meet unique security needs worldwide

Personal and private information held on individuals are the “life blood” of any company. The business information held by these companies is constantly in danger from a range of potential threats.

Traditional eavesdropping and wiretapping, wired microphones, RF transmitters, GSM transmitters, hidden cameras, tracking device, and even the use of personal mobile telephones for the efficacious accomplishment of information theft all pose a serious risk.

Once an unscrupulous individual has gained access to information, the door is open to the potential endangerment of physical safety, acute personal distress and public embarrassment, catastrophic damage to business through loss of trade secrets and breakthrough products and strategies and other psychological consequences associated with being a victim of crime.

GRS educate their clients to the time, effort and detailed involvement in both a technical attack they may face and the resources required to neutralise it.



Global Risk Solutions are now leaders in the implementation and execution of TSCM in Ireland, providing a legitimate and comprehensive answer using a layered approach of consolidating methods and technologies.

This formidable team consists of former elite trained military and police operatives, former telecommunications and engineering specialists with the benefits of gold standard TSCMI training achieved and accredited internationally.

This wealth of professional experience is combined with world class equipment to produce an all-encompassing and effective operational deterrent to information theft.