Consultancy & Investigation Services

Global Risk Solutions offers a global risk consulting capability, enabling clients to develop resilience to business risk.

Security Consulting links highly experienced practitioners, technology, risk assessment and high quality project management to deliver optimal security and compliance solutions.

We employ a uniquely credentialed, experienced and multi-disciplined team of risk consultants who understand the pressures our clients face.

We specialise in all areas of safety, security and risk, combining modern technology, physical barriers, procedures, responses and manpower services for business enterprises in all sectors.

Risk Assessment

We are committed to working in partnership to devise and implement effective solutions to our client’s complex security threats and risks.

Solutions are customised to meet the requirements of government, the private sector and international organisations.

Risk Training

Our experts can also provide specialist training for clients covering a variety of risk scenarios.

Training courses are individually tailored taking into account our client’s operational environment and individual expectations.


Global Risk Solutions has extensive investigation skills in various forms of financial crimes, in the surveillance of assets and personnel. Our experts can provide witness testimony to authenticate surveillance results in litigation or court cases.

Our investigative team can provide support in the following areas:

  • Audit of operational procedures
  • Corporate intelligence
  • Investigations of threats made to personnel
  • Fraud investigations
  • Misuse of company resources

Surveillance can provide valuable evidence and intelligence necessary to develop a case. Our client’s requirements are paramount in all our investigations, which are confidential and discreet.